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Genuinely proactive IT Services & Support, tailored to your business needs

All too often, a Managed Services Provider’s approach to IT is described as proactive when it reality it’s anything but - it’s become an overused marketing term to describe a flat-fee support system, even when 95% of the support firm’s time is spent reactively doing the same kind of work that we all used to rely on break/fix contractors for.

That’s a broken system - but at Nucentric Solutions we work differently. Our IT services are genuinely proactive, with our daily focus unashamedly on getting ahead of the game and drastically reducing the occurrence of problems that cause you to submit it support requests in the first place. Our mission is to help you turn IT from a necessary evil to the driving force behind your company’s success, and cutting-edge techniques are what get us there.

When you work with the Nucentric Solutions team, you can anticipate benefiting from technology solutions that reduce your workload, and free you up to focus on the vital strategic thinking that will determine the route your company takes tomorrow and further into the future.