Why Us

Truly proactive Managed IT Services

Sensible business owners turn to Managed Services Providers for their IT support - but not all MSPs are created equal. Nucentric Solutions is different from the rest:

  • Our plans are truly all-inclusive - we include managed off-site backup, antivirus and anti-malware, external spam filtering and third-party software updates, all as standard. Elsewhere you’ll have to pay extra for these ‘add-ons’ - but not at Nucentric Solutions.
  • We focus on silencing IT noise - an entire role in our business is dedicated to working with you on a regular basis to proactively identify areas where your IT setup can be streamlined. We eliminate recurring problems that create IT noise and stop you working smoothly.

Nucentric Solutions isn’t like the other MSPs on the market, who claim to be proactive but in reality spend 95% of their time conducting reactive work. We walk the walk, and focus relentlessly on proactive maintenance - it’s what sets us apart from the flock. If you’ve been let down by other MSPs, turn to Nucentric Solutions and we’ll help you thrive.